DISASTER STRIKES! John Foti "Danny Says" survives!

Disaster Strikes!  We planned a full day last Friday, shooting four one-off's with John Foti, then heading over to the Brooklyn Country Music Festival for Julia Haltigan & the Hooligans, The Defibulators, and The Woes.  A 14 hour day later, and quite exhausted, we called it a night.  I left the footage trans-coding overnight and woke up to find a crashed computer and dead hard drive.  The sole survivor from the John Foti shoot was this cover of the Ramones Danny Says.  I'm still taking a tally of everything that was lost, but basically it was every rough cut I've done since Africa.  Many apologies to Philip Gibbs, Jerry Joseph, James Dalton, John Foti, and my newborn son for the loss of said footage.  The BCMF clips were still on the cards and recovered, so look for that next week.  For now, I give you the only surviving clip:

John Foti "Danny Says" from Possum Den Productions on Vimeo.



PHILIP GIBBS with JUSTIN SMITH "Get What's Coming"

Second track from our Prospect Park shoot.  This is a Philip Gibbs original from Paper Crosses, also covered by The Defibulators on last years Corn Money.  Again, Justin Smith sits in on fiddle for some tracks that turned out great.  Hopefully we'll be able to coax Philip back through Brooklyn in short order.  

Philip Gibbs "Get Whats Coming" from Possum Den Productions on Vimeo.



I had the pleasure of finally shooting Austin's own Philip Gibbs when he found his way this week to New York City while roaming the country on his national tour.  Our good friend Justin "the giant fiddler" Smith sat in for an impromptu afternoon of playing and shooting.  I'm gonna release a couple of tracks this week, and save two more for Philip's CD release next spring.  I can't say enough about Philip's song writing, and what a pleasure this shoot was.  This track is from his phenomenal 2003 CD Paper Crosses.  You can keep up with Philip's ramblings HERE.

Philip Gibbs and Justin Smith "You Don't Know" from Possum Den Productions on Vimeo.




From The Defibs April 2010 show at Brooklyn Bowl.  Not sure how this one fell through the cracks, but I ran across the rough cut yesterday and took the time to polish and finish it.  Again, a great night of music, and I highly recommend checking out some music at this venue should the opportunity arise.  Coming up are some tracks from Austin's own Philip Gibbs with Justiin Smith sitting in on fiddle, that we shot in Prospect Park yesterday.  For now, hope you enjoy....

The Defibulators "Go Go Truck" from Possum Den Productions on Vimeo.



The Woes  "Tacoma"

I finally finished this Woes video from our May 2010 shoot in New York City.  We found ourselves in the basement of a 100+ year old building in the lower east side for the shoot.  Many thanks to Jesse Lauter for handling the sound recording, and John Wells at Cabin Creek who mixed and mastered.  I think I have one more of these up my sleeve in the coming weeks.

THE WOES "Tacoma" from Possum Den Productions on Vimeo.


Tour Video- Stuckey and Murray & the Defibulators

We lost 90 percent of the video footage from our tour with the Defibulators this summer so we did our best to make a video using the pictures and small amount of video we were able to salvage. Enjoy. 


Jerry Joseph "My Little Tiger"

Set one closer from his July Shrine show up in Harlem.  Thanks to Vanilla G for getting the audio over to me.  All in all a good show.  You can keep up with Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons HERE, or catch him on tour with Stockholm Syndrome starting next month.

Jerry Joseph " My Little Tiger" from Possum Den Productions on Vimeo.



James Dalton "Senator's Square"

A track from our August 8th Prospect Park shoot in Brooklyn.  James is an old friend we last worked with when he added harmonica tracks to the Skiptracer's Soundtrack.  He was gracious enough to agree to the park shoot, and a few other iron's we have in the fire.  For the time being, you can follow James HERE.

James Dalton "Senator's Square" from Possum Den Productions on Vimeo.


Jerry Joseph "Savage Garden"

Timbobareno and I shot this Jerry Joseph show at Shrine in Harlem back in July.  I've played hell getting the audio from the show, hence the delay getting this posted, but in the end I think it was worth the wait.  I'll have more of this come come.  For more info on Jerry Joseph, you can click HERE.

Jerry Joseph "Savage Garden" from Possum Den Productions on Vimeo.


Ben Lear "Sliver Water"

Second selection from our July 20th shoot in Prospect Park.  For those on the West coast, Ben is taking his folk Opera Lilllian to Los Angeles in the Fall.  More on that later.  We're working on some Jerry Joseph stuff from his Harlem show last week, I'll be posting when the audio gets sorted.

BEN LEAR "Silver Water" from BoB Coon on Vimeo.