Vikesh Kapoor "Carry Me Home"

We shot this back in the summer as Vikesh was in New York for a number of shows around town.  The song is off his album being released October 15th titled  The Ballad of Willy Robbins.  Based on the sneak peak Vikesh gave us, I'm really excited by this disk.  Its available from Mama Bird Recording Company, which you can find HERE.  Thanks to Eric Goebel for running second camera on this and taking care of the edit.


THE DEFIBULATORS "Let Me See That Ponytail Run"

This video is collaborative project we were proud to team up with Sleeping Giant from conception all the way through post.  We worked with some amazing people to pull this off, including Co-Director Chris Nizza, our DP Matt Peterson and producer Tina Brown of 2300 Films, and amazing editor Dara Kell from Sleeping Giant.  Thanks to The Fixer, Chris Wren for giving us boots on the ground in south Alabama, and the kind folks of the Applachola National Forest, for not killing any of the crew and dragging their bodies into the river basin.  


Vegas Scenics

Run-off from my excursion to Las Vegas with Showtime for the Mayweather fight.  This is from a specialty shoot for the show.  Two shots made air, and it seemed a shame, so I put this together, hoping it would live on.


Derik Hultquist  "Blackwater"

Looking through some unreleased tracks I came across this one from 2012.  Derik released a pair of EP's that year, both worth checking out:  Weather Report and Leaning On The Rain.  Hoping to line up another shoot down in Nashville with Derik later in the year.  I'll keep you posted.  Many thanks to Eric for helping make this shoot happen.


Spirit Family Reunion, Brooklyn Trailer Park

Had the privilege of shooting our friends Spirit Family Reunion last month at the Williamsburg trailer park in Brooklyn.  The guys have a new EP, No Seperation, available online which can purchased HERE.  Be sure to check them out July 28th at the Newport Folk Festival and August 4th playing Celebrate Brooklyn in Prospect Park.  Thanks to Elena and Josh for helping out with the shoot.  Hope you enjoy!




Derik Hultquist "Leaning on the Rain"

Our new friend Derik Hultquist stopped by Tillary Street in Brooklyn on Sunday to play a few acoustic numbers.  This is an original "Leaning On The Rain".  Derik's headed to the midwest to record a new album in April.  I have a feeling we'll be hearing more from him.  You can find more of Derik's music HERE.


MONKFISH Fundraiser

Our good friend, director Willi Patton is raising funds for his next project Monkfish.  With a week to go, Willi is looking to secure $20,000 in pledge money to shoot the first half of the feature film.  Monkfish tells the story of David Towne- "a popular chef in New York City who has recently hit rock bottom due to his self-destructive lifestyle and drug use".  Having read the script, I can tell you Willi is surely onto something with this new production.  You can find details on the kickstarter campaign HERE. And for a taste of the movie, here is a teaser shot earlier this year:


David Coiffier "Where are we going?"

Our friend David Coiffier finally finished his two year time lapse project "Where are we going?" this month.  I met David on a fall night about 1 am in Tmes Square shooting night time lapses for the piece.  David was over from France on vacation and taking advantage of the New York nightlife for the video.  To hear David tell it, he's an avid timelapse junkie and I'm sure you'll agree has become a mastered his craft shooting on lonely nights across the globe.


Julia Haltigan "All I Can Think Of Is You"

Sipping on a scotch tonight and running through some of last year's footage, I came across this unreleased track from Julia Haltigan's show at Le Poisson Rouge.  It was a great show and venue.  Julia's been busy with a new album, My Green Heart on the way, and being voted Artist of the Month from The Deli Magazine.  Cheers to you Julia.


Dear Mandela

Our good friends Dara Kell and Chris Nizza have finally unveiled their feature documentary Dear Mandela.  The Sundance Institue grant receipient tells the story of three "'young lions' of South Africa who rise from their shacks to take their government to the highest court in the land, putting the promises of democracy to the test".  Dear Mandela premiered in South Africa last month winning the 'Best South African Documentary' at the Durban International Film Festival.  Stay tuned for dates it will be showing stateside later this year.